Dr. Viorel Dejeu, the First Accredited Physician in Europe for Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Remarkable Achievement: Dr. Viorel Dejeu, the First Accredited Physician in Europe for Revisional Bariatric Surgery in Cases with Complications and High Risk

Dr. Viorel Dejeu, co-founder of the Doctor Dejeu medical team, has obtained the “Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Revisional Surgery” accreditation from the Surgical Medical Review Corporation (USA), thereby becoming the first and only specialist in Europe to hold this exceptional recognition.

Revisional bariatric surgery is a crucial necessity for patients who have already undergone previous bariatric surgery procedures and have experienced complications or unsatisfactory results. Additionally, revisional interventions can serve as an alternative for patients who have experienced weight regain after their initial surgery. The decision to opt for such a procedure is carefully considered following a thorough evaluation of the patient’s health, complications, and individual goals, requiring consultation with a specialized bariatric surgeon and a multidisciplinary medical team.

The Doctor Dejeu team estimates that tens of thousands of bariatric surgeries have been performed in Romania over the past 20 years, and the need for surgeons with solid expertise in revisional surgery is on the rise. Revision surgeries are associated with a higher risk of complications and increased complexity, underscoring the importance of involving an experienced surgeon.

“The goal of the Doctor Dejeu team is to provide the highest quality of patient care, and revisional surgery has become essential. Complications are a part of medicine, but unfortunately, we are already facing a phenomenon: we frequently encounter patients who chose inexperienced clinics, often outside the country, without being informed about procedures or the experience of the doctors, and this compromise takes a toll on their health. We evaluate each case individually and provide recommendations for each patient based on the procedure they are eligible for, correcting or adjusting previous interventions and improving the quality of life,” stated Dr. Viorel Dejeu.

The medical accreditation of “Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Revisional Surgery” can be obtained by a surgeon if they meet strict criteria, including significant surgical experience, performing revision surgeries annually, continuous training, and the development of clinical protocols and standardized procedures. Ensuring a well-prepared team, providing preoperative education to patients, and continuous monitoring of surgical outcomes are key aspects of this process. This is the second international accreditation obtained by Dr. Viorel Dejeu.

Currently, the Doctor Dejeu team operates in 5 centers across the country and provides services in partnership with Medlife clinics: MedLife Life Memorial Hospital Bucharest, MedLife Polisano Sibiu, MedLife Genesys Arad, Humanitas Cluj-Napoca, as well as the Betania Medical Center in Oradea.


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