“Every year we are more organized and more efficient” – Dr. Viorel Dejeu
Achievements for patients’ needs in 10 years

“We’re here for you” is not just a phrase for the Doctor Dejeu team. It’s a credo from which they try not to deviate for a moment, precisely because the patient is paramount, his needs are the ones that matter, and his well-being is the success of Doctor Dejeu’s team of doctors, psychologists and nutritionists.

Dr. Viorel Dejeu: “It’s 10 years of evolution, improvement and adaptation to patient needs. One thought motivates us: we want our patients to be treated as we would want someone dear to us to be treated”.

What should future patients of Doctor Dejeu’s team know?

  • Doctor Dejeu’s team has an emergency number that patients can call at any time. Anytime and any hour if they suspect a serious emergency;
  • Secretariat numbers are available for any organisational matters;
  • The team has a patient coordinator in each clinic where they work, making reception and organisation in the hospital more efficient and humane;
  • Patients are called by one of the team’s doctors a few days after the procedure to make sure they have everything they need and have no concerns;
  • Patients’ families are informed of how the procedure went as soon as it is over;
  • Patients receive psychological help and counselling both pre- and post-operatively, whenever they need it;
  • Patients can easily schedule a consultation with one of the team’s surgeons whenever they need it, without having to go through reception and waiting rooms;
  • The team manages to call patients for all necessary consultations and tests for post-operative check-ups;
  • Doctor Dejeu’s team has the most experience in the country in online consultations. For 8 years it has been offering online support because patients live all over the world.

Dr. Viorel Dejeu: “Every year we are getting better organised and more efficient. We don’t stop there”.


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