First in Romania – Doctor Dejeu’s team obtains certification as the only centre of excellence in the treatment of overweight, by non-invasive means

The end of summer came with great news for the Doctor Dejeu team! We are the first and
the only centre in Romania accredited, at this time, as a centre of excellence in the placement of
Allurion gastric balloon, a completely non-invasive procedure that helps patients to
eliminate excess weight.
Dr. Dejeu’s team is always looking for the best and safest solutions for eligible patients in the program,
tailored to individual needs. This solid partnership is a certification of the professionalism and care
and the results speak for themselves, with the impact on patients’ quality of life being

“For more than two years, our team has been helping patients with this type of intervention,
Allurion gastric balloon, and we are pleased that those eligible have this option to remove
Completely safe, non-invasive weight loss without endoscopy or anesthesia through
through our team. This first in Romania, to have a centre of excellence
for the treatment of overweight, by non-invasive means, excites and motivates us.
We have been and will always be there for our patients. Thank you for your trust!”

– Dr. Viorel Dejeu.

All information about the Allurion Balloon can be found on the website, in the dedicated section –
For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us: 0771 411 533


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